Please consider  formally joining and/or donating to the Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. (NSNA) We could use any support you are willing to give- physical, emotional, mental, or financial. Help us Stay Normal.

Voting Membership in the Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. is $20.00 annually per household. Membership allows you to officially vote on neighborhood issues. If your current situation does not allow you to spend $20 on dues, email us and we’ll find some things other than $20 that you can contribute. Email us at 

Would you like to join NSNA right now? You can join easily using PayPal. Click the ‘buy now’ button below, and sign in using your Paypal account info.  If you don’t already have a Paypal account, you can create one when you click ‘buy now’. Then you can pay using a debit or credit card.

Voting Membership is for residents only. If you aren’t sure about your membership qualifications, read the paragraphs below under the “About Membership” header. If you don’t qualify to be a member, and you send us money via PayPal or some other source, we will consider it a generous donation. (Thank you!)

Be sure to specify who the membership is for and the street address if it isn’t for the cardholder.

If you don’t want to use Paypal, email for information about other ways to join online or in person.

About Membership

Who can become a member of NSNA? NSNA is legally a non-profit that has to stick to the organizational by-laws in order to not lose our non-profit status. That means we need to be a little legalistic about membership. It is more than just a fun social club.

This is taken from the corporate bylaws of Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. (NSNA):

Membership in the Normal Station Neighborhood Association (NSNA) is open to all natural persons of legal age residing in Normal Station, the community in the City of Memphis bounded by Highland Street on the west, Goodlett Street on the east, Southern Avenue on the north, and Park Avenue on the south.

To be an NSNA member, to be able to vote on NSNA decisions, you first of all have to be a real person, 18 or older. Only individuals can join. Businesses and organizations cannot be NSNA members, even if they are within the NSNA boundaries. Our Big Neighbor to the North, the University of Memphis, cannot be an association member and cannot vote on neighborhood business.

Qualifying to be a member is like qualifying to vote. You only get to vote where you live. If I reside in the City of Memphis, for example, I don’t get to vote in the City of Germantown elections. You must live here to be a voting member here.

How you happen to be living here doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you own, rent, live in a place that is paid for by your parents, or if you live rent-free with friends or family. As long as you live in the neighborhood, you can be an association member. If you live here, and join NSNA, you can vote on NSNA business.

On the other hand, no individual who lives outside the neighborhood can be an NSNA member, no matter how big of a financial or emotional investment they might have in the neighborhood. Those individuals who own residential or commercial property in Normal Station, or individuals who operate or work at businesses located in the neighborhood, do not qualify for membership in NSNA if they do not reside here. If you are paying rent in Normal Station for your child who attends the U of M but you, yourself, live elsewhere, you cannot be a member of NSNA. But your child who lives here could become a member. If you grew up here, but now you live in Germantown, but you have dozens of family and friends who still live in Normal Station- sorry, you can’t be a voting member of the association.

That said, NSNA, of course, welcomes financial support from all who want to donate to the association. We are a small neighborhood without a lot of financial resources.

Help us Stay Normal. Join or donate today.

Do you have any membership questions or concerns? Email