Social Media

This website is under construction. In the meantime, here are some links to various social media sites that can connect you with Normal Station.


Fan of IG? For Normal Station Instagram pics, follow this public Instagram account: @normal_station_memphis


Official Groups: There are 2 Facebook sites produced by the Normal Station Neighborhood Association – a private residents-only group, and a public announcement page.

Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc – Announcement Page. This official page is where the Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. posts news and notices of interest to residents and the community at large. The page is open and public- anyone on Facebook can follow, read, and share the posts. Do you want to know what the neighborhood is up to, from monthly meetings to seasonal social events? Follow this page.

Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. Official Facebook Discussion Group. This is a private group for residents who qualify for membership in the Normal Station Neighborhood Association. Normal Station is a neighborhood worth fighting for. Be a part of the long-term solution. Don’t just talk about the problem, join this group and do something about it. Do you want to discuss and solve issues that are important to the neighborhood’s daily life, development, or long-term survival? If you want to work with your neighbors to help improve the neighborhood, join this group. You must be a resident of Normal Station to qualify for membership in this group.

Other Social Media Resources: One size does not fit all. There are social media resources that are not sponsored officially by NSNA. A few are listed below.

Normal Station – Normal Station has been an independent unofficial Facebook group run by volunteer friends and neighbors in Normal Station since 2009. This group has no political or financial agenda and is not affiliated with any formal organizations. Normal Station is a good place to get some quick information about local solutions to personal or neighborhood problems. Did your pet just run away? Or did you see a pig, coatimundi, deer, or some chickens wandering your street? (All of those have been seen before.) Need a new roommate? Or a recommendation for a home repair or a yard person? Want to know who to contact to solve a trash problem? The members of Normal Station can probably help you find answers and solve many problems.

Residents, property owners, former residents, neighbors from adjoining neighborhoods, family members of residents, first responders who work here, business owners, people who are employed by businesses in the neighborhood- all are welcome to join and participate in Normal Station. The only membership criteria is that you have some sort of non-commercial interest in Normal Station. In other words, don’t join for the sole purpose of selling your services or renting your apartments. A little bit of shopping and selling is OK, though, just don’t let it be all that you ever post.

Disclaimer: The posts on Normal Station reflect the opinions of individuals only. Normal Station is not affiliated with any organization, including the registered nonprofit corporation Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. The Normal Station Neighborhood Association, Inc. is not responsible for the content that is posted on Normal Station.


Normal Station is a neighborhood that you can find on the Nextdoor app. Nextdoor is a for-profit company that makes money by selling advertising. There is some good information on Nextdoor, but it is only slightly moderated- sometimes squabbles between opinionated neighbors can get pretty vicious. Still, it is worth checking for service provider recommendations, lost pets, etc. You can sign up for Nextdoor here: